Back to Basics pt. 2

Here is the completion of the alphabet experiment. I have written a poem every day this month of March while maintaining my integrity as a teacher to plan and instruct at a high level. Each poem has been composed on the day I have uploaded it to the blog. Very little revision, very little hesitation. Much like the students have x-minutes to complete their test, I have the afternoon or evening to complete a draft of the day’s poem. Then I release it into the world, and wake up the next day ready to have a great day with my students. The poem arrives spontaneously through writing exercises, free writing and debriefing my school day. I hope to have time to more fully explore the process of how these poems were created, but for now I wanted to address a bit of my reality. Because, in some ways, between yesterday and today, I wrote 26 brief poems about education. And I might be going crazy! 


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