The Pub

Headed to work after school. Not only should you come and hang out, but please enjoy this glimpse of Eske’s Brew Pub written in 2009…

Chest pressed against nine taps pouring home-made beer.
Back to quick-paced food prep
Hot plates and full bowls of delicious
Green chile stew;
Dishwasher playing silverware chimes and ceramic cymbals.

Patrons sit across the bar
“What’ll it be?”
“Libations, merriment and dinner for three!”

table-turn order-up refill-please



Dessert-chocolate-cake black-and-tan special-request

Low-suds glass-cleaner and sinks measured in Kelvin
Pints clink cheers for sanitation

How in the world?
Can the world be turning?
Slower than this?

Clean-up shut-down
Lights. Off.

One post shift brew.
First fresh (cigarette) breath of the night.
Stumble home sober.
Tomorrow to a different job.