Standardized Testing Poetry

It was brought to my attention this morning that the poems I had posted last night after school needed to be removed from this blog. Expressing myself poetically from inspiration drawn from the testing experience compromises student scores on these exams. As well the validity and security of the test. Someone could have seen something sensitive to the integrity of the test within my poetics. I do not want to subject my students to more tests or standardized scrutiny. My poems were censored due to this issue. They will be reposted in April after the testing window closes.

-March 20, 6:15 pm

3 thoughts on “Standardized Testing Poetry

  1. WOW — I’m honestly shocked. Is the implication that the test-scorers peruse the personal blogs of all test-proctors (accessing them, undoubtedly, through the Database of All Personal Blog Platforms of All American Test Proctors, Searchable by Last Nam) and, based on said test-proctors’s artistic expressions, would declare all student tests null and void, and make them test again?
    Or…. what?
    That’s some crazy shit, yo.

  2. franandlaura says:

    The sanctity of the tests trumps even the mighty bastion of high school athletics, trumps even church. Our data, who art in data, hallowed be thy data. Thy kingdom data, thy will be data, on data as it is in data. Give us this day, our daily data, and forgives us our data, as we forgive those who data against us. And lead us to data, deliver us to data. Amen!

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